150 mm side bowl Side- bowl 150 mm

Cast aluminium, black paint.

Length : 30 cm.

Weight : 2 Kg

euro fitting Euro-fitting   80 mm

Anodised aluminium with  stainless steel insert thread M 12.

Mounting :  3 x M 8

Weight : 0,6 Kg

Heavy Duty column Heavy Duty Column

Black anodised aluminium,adjustable between 0,9 and 1,65 m, 4 x M 12 bolts for mounting on Dolly.

Total weight : 6,5 Kg.

Track - floorwheel Track / Floor Wheels

A set of studio wheels for all Elemack and similar dollies which can also be used on straight and curved steel and aluminium track.

The aluminium wheels have a polyurethane surface for smooth rolling, this material does not indent under heavy loads during a long time.

Quick action lever operates brakes which are also effective when the dolly is used on track.

A hand operated bolt unlocks the wheels when used on curved track,this bolt can be quickly reset back to the fixed position.

Track - floorwheel 2 Resetting the chains of the dolly and re-aligning the wheels after changing them from one dolly to another, is done in a minute.

The axle thread accepts the original Elemack locking bar type BA / S .

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