Beam - Master


LTM lamp on Beam-Master (1) Beam-Master is a device for smooth and accurate remote radio - controlled light adjustment.                    

Beam-Master easily fits between any suitable lighting stand, with a 28 mm socket, and a lamp mounting pivot of max. 28 mm.

Beam-Master enables you to adjust your lamp in two dimensions,  pan (110o) , tilt down (50o), tilt up (20o)and spot / flood, this all in a few minutes up to a distance of 100 meters.

The spot / flood  motor can run up to 12 revolutions.

connection-bar mounted on lamphousing Beam-Master only needs a connection-bar mounted on your lamp housing  to make the connection with the tilt mechanism and the spot- / flood motor.

Connection-bars are available,standard or custom-made for all kind of lamp housings.

The complete system set-up will take about 10 minutes.

Beam-Master unit Beam-Master unit fixed between lighting stand  and lamp housing bar.




Flightcase on trolley Beam-Master system comes complete in a flightcase, on        a trolley,containing :

> Beam-Master unit / Batteries / Charger / Charger-adapter

> Remote Controller / Batteries / Charger

> Tilt motor / Accessories

> Spot -/ flood  motor / Accessories

> Tools

> Instruction manual

> Connection-bar, suitable for your specified lamp housing

LTM lamp on Beam-Master Beam-Master can be used to manipulate heavy lamps as shown, inclusive spot / flood control.

Smaller lamps and combined lamp-units with only turn and tilt possibilities can also be controlled,even with the lamp hanging down.

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Dimensions cm inch Weights Kg lb.
Beam-Master  L x W x H 30 x 25 x 40 12 x 10 x 16 Beam-Master complete 25 55
Flightcase L x W x H 32 x 27 x 45 13 x 11 x 18 Max. load 100 220

Pallada  Beam-Master