Cam Cat

goes on where other dollies stop.... specs

CamCat parts CamCat was designed by Pallada to offer you a lightweight and portable mini dolly system, you can use anywhere even in a very small space such as a car.

CamCat ( 1 ) is a mini dolly, with a 100 mm bowl, moving on a  track ( 4 ) which is made of black anodised aluminium tubes with stainless steel connectors.

The rails are separated by aluminium sleepers ( 3 ) with levels and in height adjustable feet.

One sleeper can be mounted with a leveller ( 7 ) on your 100 mm tripod bowl.

The sleeper, at the other end of the rail ,can be supported by something like a chair, table or a light tripod.

The standard track ( 4 ) can be enlarged using the  1,5 m extension set ( 5 ).

CamCat  with security wheels The two security wheels ensure a safe use of CamCat  working above ground level.

The security wheels can  be assembled by hand on the CamCat axles.

CamCat parts in flightcase The red flightcase contains all small accessories :

> CamCat dolly

> sleepers

> levellers

> security wheels

> rail-end stops

rails in soft bags The travel rails set ( 6 ) is packed in two soft bags, fitting into any 90 cm tripod transport case.

The 1,5 m rails are also packed in two soft bags, fitting in a hard tube,ensuring a safe  transport of the rails.

CamCat on rails CamCat on rail.

Rail-end stops prevent CamCat running of the rail.

Dimensions cm inch Weights Kg lb.
CamCat case L x W x H 36 x 36 x 13 14 x 14 x 5 CamCat set in case 5 11
Standard rail set 150 59 Standard rail set 2,5 5.5
Extension rail set 150 59 Extension rail set 2,5 5.5
Travel rail set 90 35 Travel rail set 3,5 7.7
Transport tube 155 61 Transport tube 2 4.4

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