Inflatable -Track


Dolly on Inflatable Track Inflatable -Track  is designed by Pallada to offer you a compact seamless track system that enables you to make smooth dolly movements on almost any surface.

Dolly with trackwheels on Inflatable Track.

Inflatable-Track is made of flexible tube to be inflated by the 12 V compressor ,connected to your car battery.

The compressor can inflate the standard tube till 8 bars in approx. 7minutes.

After inflating (outside) take the tubes to the set and make the curved or straight track you need.

With the end - stops you create the start and finish of the track,the Trackwheels will align the track if you roll the Dolly over it.

After deflating the tubes you can vacuum them  with the same compressor. Roll up the tubes and pack them in the Inflatable-Track flightcase.

Inflatable - Track parts Inflatable- track flightcase contains :

>  compressor, pressure / vacuum  tube          

>  2 x 10 m inflatable tube ,connection tube 

>  4  track wheels                             

>  2  end - stops

>  steering lock

V-rails set

Inflatable-Track is designed to work on relatively level surfaces.

For working on not level surfaces Pallada can offer you the Inflatable Track Supporting system.

  I.T.S. system exists of  4 different parts :

> V- rail supporting the Inflatable -Track tube

sleeper  connecting  the V- rails in length and providing a gauge of  61 cm

> locking pin

> plastic wedges, to level the V- rail.

V- rail is available in lengths of 1 meter ( 39 " ) and can be extended to any length required, without the use of any tools.

Dimensions cm inch Weights Kg Lb.
Tube track standard 10 m 33 ' Tube   track 10 m 5,5 12
Tube max.length available 40 m 131 ' Tube track / m 0,5 1.1
Flightcase L x W x H 47 x 33 x 27 18 x13x11 Standard set in flightcase 24 53
V -rail  standard length 100 39 V - track / m 1 2.2
Sleeper 66 27 Sleeper 0,34 0.75

                     Pallada   Inflatable - Track