the jib with the flexible arm... specs

Jix on Spider Jix is designed by Pallada to improve the well-known stiff  jib arms.

The "scissors technology " allows you to move the camera in a straight  horizontal or vertical line and gives you a wide range of controlled movements. You can smoothly change the length of boom during shot.            

Jix in combination with  the Spider is a stand alone configuration for camera movements from one position. Spider has swivel castors for use on studio floors and allows you  to move the Jix from one position to another.        

jix and dolly on inflatable-track Jix has a mounting plate that also fits onto the Dolly,this configuration enables you to move Jix on track wheels or pneumatic floor wheels.

Jix arm can be locked at any position between minimum- and maximum length to create a jib arm.

Jix arm can be fixed in "top" position in the U-frame for maximum boom.Fixed in the "middle" position you can reach under floor level.                        

Jix comes standard with a 100 mm bowl, 150 and 75 are also available.

24 Kg set Jix is balanced with steel counterweights and a  fine-tuning weight.

The counterweights are packed in 2 sets of 24 Kg each with a handle for easy transportation.

Jix is packed in the "high-hat" Jix flightcase with built-in transport wheels.

jix in flightcase bottom jix flightcase jix in action Jix ( top position ) high  
Jix in case bottom Jix flightcase Jix in action Jix top position  
Dimensions cm inch Weights Kg lb.
Jix vertical travel 200 79 Jix 25 55
Jix horizontal travel 100 40 Max.camera load 25 55
Jix  high position max. 225 88 Counterweights 48 105
Jix  low position min. - 40 -16 Fine-tune weight 1,5 3.3
Flightcase LxWxH              80 x 34 x 34 31 x 13 x 13 Flightcase 11 24

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