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carmount (1 m tubes) Car mount

Made of ( black anodised ) aluminium tubes connected by polyacetal parts.Adjustable in length and height.

The camera can be mounted on the 15 adjustable bowl of the camera platform.

The platform  slides over the tubes and can be locked in any position.

camera on left side of car  (1,9 m tubes) Plastic feet, connected with a ball joint to the vertical tubes, follow  the surface of the car.

The feet have a polyurethane layer to protect the car paint.

Using the horizontal tubes of 1 meter the camera can also be mounted at the door side of the car .


Camera on left side of the car.



camera on carmount # 1 Making the shot..
camera on carmount # 2   O.K.
Camera on carmount # 3 Ready to go ...






The products on this page are custom - made according to the wishes and special needs of the customer  and also available  considering your demands.For more information please contact us.

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