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Spider on castors Spider is a heavy duty  three legged dolly, castors with total locking brakes mounted, designed to support the Jix for using on the studio floor.

The quick "on-off " levelling jack system offers you extra stability on studio floor and on location.




Jix on Spider Jix on Spider


tripod on spider Spider can also accept  track- wheels, and is adjustable in width to fit on Inflatable-Track or any other metal track.



Tripod on Spider


spider with Jix bowl and raiser set On the top-mountingplate the 100 mm Jix bowl can be fixed to make low camera shots.


spider in flightcase Flightcase contains :

> Spider / tripod mounting / quick "on - off " levelling jacks

> 3 total locking brake castors

> 3  track wheel sets

>  Jix bowl raiser set

> tools

Dimensions cm inch Weights Kg lb.
Flightcase L x W x H 62 x 21 x 24 24x 8 x 9 Spider set in flightcase 13 29

                        Pallada  Spider