started in 1984  the design and manufacturing of lightweight camera supporting equipment ..

Dolly # 1 1984 .. on request of a cameraman who needed a lightweight compact and easy transportable dolly, that enabled him, with the assistance of his soundman, to create professional "riding " camera shots.

Dolly  # 1   Leningrad   1984

Since 1984 a number of different products has been developed, manufactured and sold to many movie - television -  and rentalcompanies all over the world.

dolly # x   2002 Pallada Dolly   #   X   2002, manufactured since 1991.
Pallada Designs  is continuously improving its standard products and developing new and innovative equipment,  listening to people of every day practice and using the best materials available.  All our products are made of high quality machined aluminium, stainless steel and engineering plastics.

Our products are designed  to be used by the professional film- and video cameramen who need to travel light, television studios, rental companies and the AV departments of universities, hospitals and all other institutions, looking for professional, high quality, lightweight and easy transportable camera supporting equipment.

We have a small but very flexible company, this enables us to design and manufacture custom made products.  We are able to make one single piece or a prototype but also small series can be realised.If you have any wishes or questions about custom made products please contact us.     

On this website you find all the equipment we manufacture today, new products will be announced on this site, so keep on visiting us..

Paul Pallada , General Manager